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A single cybersecurity breach can have devastating results, and unfortunately no organization is immune. However, every industry is confronted by unique challenges in protecting their data and people while also meeting specific regulatory compliance mandates. Our experts can help.

DigitalEra eliminates the complexity factor of meeting compliance and analyzing products, and removes the affordability barrier to the best security tools available for your organization’s unique needs to prevent attacks and stay safe.

Security Assesments
Of SMBs polled (which includes many auto dealerships) experienced a security breach in 2015, according to the 2016 IT Security and SMBs Survey by Osterman Research.

The Automotive industry presents a complex set of opportunities for security risks. Automotive manufacturers were the top targeted manufacturing sub-industry in 2015, accounting for almost 30 percent of the total attacks against the manufacturing industry. And as vehicle design continues to leverage IoT features, the risk expands. Cyberthreats follow the industry all the way to the dealership, where retail operations exist and personal financial data can be compromised. As SMBs with smaller budgets and fewer IT resources, auto dealers may not always be equipped with the right tools and policies in place to protect themselves and meet compliance. DigitalEra provides expert assessment, guidance and management of the right tools to help keep you safe and compliant.


Higher education contains inherent risks that pose continuing threats: They often maintain cutting edge research data, a wealth of information about their students and faculty, including social security numbers, payment information, and medical records, and thousands of users who bring their own device. Further complicating matters is the fact that many universities have international connections for serving faculty and students. Add a culture of openness to the high value assets, expansive and porous attack surface and cyberattacks and infections are nearly guaranteed.

DigitalEra helps colleges and universities prevent attacks at all levels and monitor their systems with a variety of world-class tools.

Security Assesments
Education ranks 3rd among the top ten industries suffering the most attacks/ breaches.
Security Assesments
The average number of attacks against financial services institutions is four times higher than that of companies in other industries.

Banks, insurance companies and investment firms are all in the business of managing money, and often contain a treasure trove of personal information on their customers as well. Their potential for high value gain and often global connections make them prime targets for cyber attacks and fraud.

Digital Era works with banks and other financial institutions to help protect their infrastructure, networks, data and users, while also helping them comply with requirements such as GLBA/FFIEC, DSS, PCI, SOX and the FTC Red Flags Rule.


Cyberattacks on government have reached an all-time high. At the federal level, the GOA reports that federal agencies have specific weaknesses in most of the five major categories of information system controls. State and local government agencies are also at increased risk of hacktivism, insider access to sensitive information, and physical threats requiring disaster recovery and business continuity. While vulnerabilities include the loss of sensitive personal data, such as utility payment information, the risks are also high for terrorism. A terrorist with the skills of a hacker can shut down critical infrastructure, including distribution lines for power, gas, oil, water and other services.

DigitalEra helps keep government agencies protected from attacks while complying with standards set forth by FISMA, PCI and DSS.

Security Assesments
Of exposed identities expose in government breaches are due to negligence. Hackers represent the rest.
Security Assesments
of assets compromised in healthcare data breaches occur through Point of Sale systems.

Healthcare data breaches were the most common type of data security incident reported in the US in 2015. Electronic transfer of patient medical information improves the patient experience but also presents a risk of loss by theft, human error or external threats. Loss of data puts patients at risk for identity theft and privacy loss. As the number (and sophistication) of zero-day attacks increases, healthcare organizations are more vulnerable to ransomware attacks, which can cost organizations millions and put the lives of patients at risk. To protect patients, any organization (and its subcontractors) transmitting health information electronically must comply with HIPAA.

Digital Era is on a mission to help protect healthcare organizations in Florida from these attacks. Our Risk assessments, Penetration Testing and Data Loss Prevention and Security Information and Event Management tools and services are helping healthcare stay safe and meet compliance.


Retailers face a multitude of evolving threats, putting them and their customer’s financial information at risk. POS malware aimed specifically at retailers represents a key threat, and macro infections are on the rise. The double threat of malicious code that steals login credentials and malware that infects networks to watch and record specific transactions is another indication that retailers must be more vigilant in their efforts. Any business that stores, processes or transmits cardholder data is required to be PCI (DSS) compliant.

Digital Era helps busy retailers assess risks and develop and implement the best strategy for security tools, monitoring and maintenance and compliance.

Security Assesments
of Consumers notified of a retail security breach experienced subsequent identity theft.