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Data Protection

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Data Protection

Protecting your sensitive data is crucial to healthy operations and meeting regulatory compliance. DigitalEra helps you safeguard your important information from corruption, loss and theft through data loss prevention (DLP) strategies, while preventing end users from sending sensitive or critical information outside the corporate network.

Our experts help you create a DLP strategy that includes data lifecycle management (DLM) and information lifecycle management (ILM), a comprehensive strategy for valuing, cataloging and protecting information assets from application and user errors, malware, virus attacks, machine failure or facility outages or disruptions. We partner with Gartner “Magic Quadrant “ Leaders in world-class Data Loss Prevention, enabling you to filter data streams on the corporate network, block suspicious apps, revoke unauthorized access, monitor and control endpoint activities, protecting your organization’s sensitive data.

Data Loss Prevention

Identify & Address
Risks Immediately

Find and analyze all sensitive information traveling across the network, and easily create rules to prevent future risks.

Take Control
of Data

View comprehensive reports that explain who sent the data, where it went, and how it was sent.


Streamline remediation by alerting senders, recipients, content owners, and system administrators with configurable notifications.

Perform Detailed

Get a comprehensive picture of data handling activities performed by systems and users. View the chain of custody for any given piece of data.


Get built-in policies to meet regulatory requirements for data loss monitoring for PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, SOX and more.

Security Assesments

Don’t Wait for a Data Breach

  • $4 million: Average consolidated cost of a data breach
  • 43% of data loss is attributed to internal employees.
  • 55% of SMBs experienced an attack in last 12 months.
Where are Your Organization’s Data Loss Vulnerabilities?