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Optimize your protection
with DigitalEra’s expert
security consulting services.

Our Team is Your Team

DigitalEra’s consulting and engineering team advises industry professionals and business leaders on how to strengthen their security to defend against attacks.

Their extensive industry know-how, depth of product knowledge, advanced industry certifications, and activeinvolvement in multiple IT professional associations make them true assets for our entire clientele.

Whether you are looking for assistance for your busy IT team, or need to outsource your IT security entirely, working with DigitalEra is a partnership that pays dividends.

Experts You Can Trust

FELIPE MEDINA Director, Security Services

DEREK CUESTA Sr. Manager, Security Services

FRANKLIN SUJO Manager, Security Services

Our team of engineers are trusted advisors to some of the most highly targeted government agencies, educational institutions, and corporations. They continually earn praise. Our clients cite their services and professional expertise as one of the top reasons for choosing us.

We Stand By You.

Security Assessments
  • Assures necessary security controls are integrated into the design and implementation of your security program
  • Identifies and documents security gaps between a project design and any approved corporate security policies.
  • Vulnerability Scan, Data Analysis and Security policy creation
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Security Assesments
Security Assesments
Penetration Testing
  • Real-world testing to assess actual operational security
  • Identifies high risk vulnerabilities and those unable to find with automated tools
  • Calculates magnitude of potential operational and business impact of attacks
  • Validates new security controls required to stop future attacks
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Implementation Services

Our engineers install and deploy the very latest security technologies, educating our clients on creating policies, tuning settings, and addressing future changes. Our expertise helps ensure effective use for optimum preventative, detective and corrective security performance.

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Security Assesments
Security Assesments
Training & Education

Ensuring your in-house IT team of experts are at the forefront in creating custom policies, tuning settings, and addressing future security changes is essential for long term success. DigitalEra engineers provide our clients hands-on training and experience working with security tools, share best practices, and plot product roadmaps.

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Incident Support

Incident Support

Has your organization experienced an attack or security breach? DigitalEra offers a wide range of incident response, preparedness planning and forensic analysis services. Our Emergency Response Team responds quickly to attacks in progress and works with your organization to develop customized emergency response plans to minimize the effect of future attacks. In addition, our experts can assist with computer forensic analysis, discovery and litigation to help you find and prosecute perpetrators of information security breaches.

Incident Support Services

Immediate onsite anti-virus and malware outbreak support
Response methodology: including steps for analysis & intelligence gathering, containment, eradication, recovery and prevention
Expert Anti-Virus and Security product professionals help audit and review current protection policies
Dedicated IR remote management with telephone and VPN support
Detailed forensics and fraud investigation that enable you to find and prosecute attackers or malicious employees
Experienced vulnerability and malware researchers to aid in the removal of zero-day attack payloads
Immediate attack response 24/7/365 to minimize operational impact and help stop attacks